The Sound of Buildings - Hamer Hall and more

The Sound of Buildings is an audio exploration of Melbourne's most architecturally significant buildings. many of which have had the acoustic design provided by Marshall Day Acoustics.

It includes our very own Thomas Scelo discussing the refurbishment of Hamer Hall.

Available free as an interactive iPhone and iPad app, The Sound of Buildings provides listeners with a deeper level of understanding and context for the selected buildings, as well highlighting Melbourne's diverse architecture and urban spaces through an exploration of cultural, monuments, government, residential, commercial, transport, education, health and sporting projects.

On this site you can download The Sound of Buildings Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 apps for your mobile devices and enjoy the journey as a walking tour. You can also take in Melbourne's old and new buildings through the growing audio and imagery library online.

Each of the buildings featured 'speak' through the different voices of the people involved in their design, their construction, their use and reception. Through The Sound of Buildings we hear from architects, designers, engineers, project managers, building users and children.

The Sound of Buildings is a growing resource of local design knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about Melbourne's built environment and architectural heritage.

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