• Marshall Day Entertech Position Available - Theatre Design Technical Consultant
    07 April, 2014

    We are theatre and acoustic consultants specialising in the design, specification and refurbishment of performing arts and cultural venues - theatres, concert halls, opera houses, studios, music education buildings, rehearsal spaces, museums and galleries, our work also extends to sporting venues, stadiums and arenas.

  • Nouvelles apps Marshall Day Acoustics pour iPhone et Android
    01 April, 2014

    Marshall Day Acoustics est ravi de proposer deux nouvelles applications pour les appareils iOS et Android.

    dBCalc est un outil simple permettant de réaliser des additions et soustractions logarithmiques de niveaux en décibels.

  • Cité orientale du cinéma "Wanda Oriental Movie Metropolis"
    01 April, 2014

    Ducks Sceno et Marshall Day Acoustics ont été retenus respectivement pour la scénographie et l'acoustique du Palais des Festivals de Quingdao (Tsingtao) par le Wanda Group de Wang Jianlin, première fortune de Chine.

  • Recent appointments for the MDA Perth office
    21 March, 2014

    Marshall Day has been accepted on to the Government of Western Australia Building Management and Works (BMW) engineering panel for both acoustics and theatre consultancy.

  • Wanda Oriental Movie Metropolis
    11 March, 2014

    Ducks Sceno and Marshall Day Acoustics have been appointed for the Acoustic and Theatre design of Wanda's Convention Centre within Qingdao's Oriental Movie Metropolis.

  • Marshall Day Acoustics releases new apps for iPhone and Android
    06 March, 2014

    Marshall Day Acoustics is please to announce it has released two new apps for both the iPhone and Android devices.

    dBCalc is a simple logarithmic calculator for adding and subtracting decibel levels.

    dBDelta calculates the change in decibel level over a change in distance, i.e. distance attenuation. The distance attenuation can be calculated for both point and line sources.

  • Symantec Dublin
    11 February, 2014

    Marshall Day are pleased to be involved in the architectural acoustic design of Symantec's new European facility in Blanchardstown, Dublin.

  • 2013 - Une année bien remplie
    22 January, 2014

    2013 a été une année très chargé pour Marshall Day Acoustics.