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Thomas Scélo is an Associate and manager of our Hong Kong operations, specialising in Room Acoustics and Building Acoustics.

Thomas joined Marshall Day Acoustics in Auckland in 2006.

Thomas' experience in acoustics spans several sectors including performing arts, residential, commercial, education and research and development.  Thomas holds a PhD in Acoustics from the University of Auckland. Before enrolling for his PhD, Thomas was the testing officer at the accredited Acoustic Testing Services at the University of Auckland for two years.

Thomas remains an active researcher in acoustics. His recent works in room acoustics includes parametric real-time 3D acoustic analysis, prediction of 3D sound fields of diffused reflections, 3D Rhino computer design, Odeon simulations, auralisations and measurements in a 1/25 to 1/10 scale models.  

Thomas's experience spans from predictions and design of innovative solutions to the construction in concert halls but also commercial, industrial, residential and healthcare buildings.

Thomas transferred to the Melbourne office of Marshall Day in September 2009. He is currently based in Hong Kong, assisting Marshall Day's current projects in the region.

Recent project experience includes:

:: Hamer Hall, Southbank Melbourne - room acoustics, construction project management

:: Philharmonie de Paris - room acoustics

:: Chengdu New Century Contemporary Arts Centre, room acoustics, project management

:: Margaret Court Arena redevelopment, room acoustics

:: Melbourne Conservatorium and Symphony Orchestra studios, room acoustics and noise control

:: Changsha Meixihu IC&AC Opera, room acoustics

:: Geelong Playhouse, room acoustics and noise control

:: Healesville Memorial Hall, room acoustics

:: Tauranga Indoor Sport & Exhibition Centre - room acoustics

:: Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton - room acoustics

:: University of Auckland - Sleep & Breathing Research, Auckland - building acoustics and noise control

:: Q Theatre, Auckland - room acoustics

Thomas enjoys playing both the classical and electric guitar.  He is a keen listener of classical music and traditional Korean music.


Some Publications

:: Scelo T., Impact sound transmission through floor/ceiling systems, Building Acoustics, Vol. 16(1), p47-66, 2009

:: Scelo T. et al., Theoretical considerations in the prediction of decay times for the Philharmonie de Paris, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 123(5) Part. 2, p3911.

:: Scelo T., Interactions between floor and ceiling panels in presence of a fibrous material in the cavity, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 123(5) Part. 2, p3764.

:: Scelo T. & Halkyard C.R., Vibroacoustic transmission through double plate systems - application to suspended ceilings, Proceedings of Internoise 2007 - Istanbul, paper # 102.

:: Scelo T., Sound Transmission through concrete floors and suspended ceilings systems - a vibroacoustic analysis, PhD Thesis, University of Auckland, 2006.

:: Textbook: Bruneau M. & Scelo T., Fundamental of Acoustics, ISTE Ltd, London, 2006.

Qualifications and Memberships 
:: PhD Mechanical Engineering/Acoustics, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2006
:: Master of Physics, Université du Maine, France, 2000
:: Bachelor of Physics, Université du Maine, France, 1999
:: NZ Acoustical Society
:: Member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
:: Member of the Société Française d'Acoustique (SFA, France)
:: Room Acoustics
:: Sound insulation
:: 3D computer design and modelling
:: Scale model testing