Marshall Day Acoustics - United Kingdom

For over 30 years Marshall Day Acoustics has been delivering the very best in acoustic design. As a specialist acoustics practice our entire focus is on achieving the optimum outcome for our clients. We believe collaboration with our clients, other members of the design team and regulatory authorities is key in delivering successful projects.

Our skills have led to some of the world's most modern and iconic buildings. We are at the forefront of cutting edge sustainable acoustic design, embracing new technologies to deliver new and exciting projects.

With nearly 80 staff in fifteen offices and six countries we have a huge pool of talent and experience to draw upon for projects of all types and sizes.

Sir Harold Marshall and Christopher Day established Marshall Day Acoustics in 1981. Emeritus Professor Marshall is renowned for discovering the last significant room acoustic parameter, that is the importance of lateral reflections within performance space design. 

Marshall Day’s technical resources are foremost having published a large number technical papersand developed software, such as IRIS, Insul and Zorba, which are used in acoustic consultancies around the world.  

Our offices offer acoustic consulting services throughout the United Kingdom.  

To discuss how we can assist with your project, please contact either of our UK offices.

London +44 (0)20 7193 1499 or

Northern Ireland +44 (0)28 3089 8009 or

Marshall Day Acoustics Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under number 07214352. VAT Registration number 988869612. Registered office 1-5 Offord Street, London, N1 1DH.