Our Clients want the best practicable acoustic design advice in order to achieve their stated goals. Whether architectural or environmental acoustics, our Clients benefit from our extensive experience and the latest technical infrastructure.

As one of the longest established and largest acoustic consultancies in Australasia, Marshall Day Acoustics has the experience to provide the highest quality and cost-effective acoustic solutions.

For more information on specific architectural, environmental, mechanical services or vibration projects, follow the links to the other sections of this site.

In general terms, our capabilities include:


  • Environmental planning and policy development
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Expert witness and legal testimony
  • Industrial noise control specifications
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Environmental noise modelling using SoundPlan and INM

Mechanical services and vibration

  • Mechanical services noise and vibration control
  • Building structural dynamics


  • Design of specialist spaces (performing arts venues, cinemas, studios etc.)
  • Internal space planning
  • Sound isolation from external sources
  • Control of reverberant noise build-up
  • Speech privacy and intelligibility
  • Transportation noise and vibration control
  • Building code compliance
  • Computer prediction and modelling using Insul, Odeon and Bastian

The services translate into the following project types:

  • Performing Arts - concert halls, theatres, recital halls, multipurpose venues
  • Commercial - offices, board rooms, conference centres, cinemas, call centres
  • Educational - classrooms, lecture theatres and music schools
  • Broadcast - television and radio studios, control rooms, film studios
  • Transportation - roads, rail and airports
  • Industrial - manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power plants, aircraft engine test cells, timber processing
  • Public Buildings - hospitals, libraries, swimming pools, courts
  • Residential - apartments and hotels
  • Environmental Management - policy review and preparation